Welcome to Bob's Bowling Stuff.  As you can see, this is a brand new website, but, over time, hopefully this will become an informative site where bowlers can come and find interesting 'stuff' about 5-pin bowling in Toronto, in Ontario and in Canada.  For right now, if you want to submit anything, then please send me an e-mail to YPOONSSNOOPY2@AOL.COM and if I find it interesting to this site, then I will post it on the appropriate page.  Soon, you will be able to see upcoming  tournaments, tournament results, pictures, bowler profiles, bowling jokes, bowling cartoons, coaching help, tips from other bowlers and anything else that 5-pin bowlers what to post on this site.  This is your site, it was created for 5-pin bowlers, so please enjoy, link to the very long web address and let me know by e-mail if there is anything you want to see on this site . . . ENJOY!