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Bobs Lego Bowling Pins

This page shows Lego Bowling Pins.

I was challenged a year ago to build a Lego 5-pin bowling pin.

After a couple of months, I conquered the challenge and built my first Lego bowling pin.  I have sold some 'production' pins.

You can purchase your own Lego 5-pin bowling pin too.

Just send me an e-mail at YPOONSSNOOPY2@AOL.COM or leave me a request on my new Blog which can be found under the MORE tab and I can order you one (or five).

These are the only Lego 5-pin bowling pins in Canada.  (so far).

You can add your pin here too.


This is the first Lego 5-pin bowling pin in Canada!


You can also purchase a 5-pin ball too!


This is the 3rd Lego 5-pin bowling pin in Canada.

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