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Demolition of O'Connor Bowl

The following pictures show the demolition of O'Connor Bowl.  Everyone in my family has bowled at O'Connor Bowl at least once.  I bowled my first 300 game at O'Connor Bowl when I was in the YBC Youth Bowling Program.  I coached many young bowlers over the last 9 years it was opened.  My Dad worked there in the 50's and I was lucky enough to meet his former boss and original owner John Martin, before it was sold in 2011.  O'Connor Bowl was 63 years old when it closed.  It would have become historic in 2027 as few people knew it had a beautiful wooden arched roof.  Enjoy these pics has I enjoyed taking them.  If you want to add your story to my site, then please subscribe and send me an e-mail and I'll add your story to this page.  Scroll down to see more historical and demolition pictures.
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